Mission and Purpose StatementEdit

Mission StatementEdit

The members of the ‘Accord’ partnership are committed to celebrating the value of group singing in all its forms and to further developing the already diverse and vibrant choral sector in Hull.  The group values the fact that the choral sector in Hull is made up of diverse groups covering a wide range of musical styles and aspirations, and values all groups equally. 

Membership of the group is open to representatives of all singing groups in Hull.

Aims of the Group are to:-Edit

  • encourage wide participation in singing in the City of Hull;
  • share expertise and exchange information amongst the various organisations;
  • develop plans and initiatives to support one another’s development;
  • identify common issues and challenges for choirs and groups within the Choral Sector, e.g. recruitment and retention of members, audience development, practical financial issues;
  • support the sector in developing initiatives that address common issues;
  • inform the development of strategies of the City Arts Unit in relation to the choral sector;
  • support the choral sector in taking advantage of opportunities which arise;
  • encourage co-operative initiatives between choirs and singing groups across the City;
  • encourage groups to increase accessibility of choral music to everyone in the community;
  • uphold the principles of valuing diversity and respecting the value of all musical forms and genres.

Clare Drury, Arts Development Officer, City Arts Unit, 9 March 2012